Monday, March 28, 2016

Tools for Free or Fee


Peter De Baets has some for pay and some for free downloads at Peter's Software.

In the past I have used his Shrinker-Stretcher
ShrinkerStretcher will automatically rescale/resize your MS Access forms, controls, and fonts to fit any screen resolution, desktop scheme, or font setting.

Using ShrinkerStretcher means you can develop applications without concern for your end user's display settings! Scale your 800x600 application down to 640x480, or to any other screen resolution!

For free includes:
Let your users set their own form color schemes.
Custom Time Functions -
Perform mathematical operations on custom time values that include fractions of a second.
Manage linked tables from multiple databases, ODBC sources, or any combination of the two. Easily refresh table links or connect to tables in a different data environment.

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