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Pick a card

If you wish to share information about yourself and your company when networking with others a handy solution is electronic business cards, called vCards (virtual business cards), which can be sent using Outlook 2000+.

To send a vCard to an individual, open the contact and on the Actions menu, click "Forward as vCard". Outlook attaches the contact information in a vCard file called .vcf

Note You can automatically include a vCard every time you send a message. Just add the vCard to your signature!

If you want to be able to insert a vCard in a message that you have already started, save the file for that vCard to a convenient location where you can access it.

Open the contact, on the File menu, click "Export to vCard". Specify the location where you want to save the file, and then click Save. When you want to insert the file in an item that you have opened, on the Insert menu in the item, click File, and then select the .vcf file.

In the message that contains the vCard you received, double-click the vCard attachment.
Add any other information you want about the contact, and then on the File menu, click "Save and Close".

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