Tuesday, November 03, 2015

How to Burn Out Your Audiance

Audience antagonizers

What are the three most annoying things about bad PowerPoint presentations?

"According to the survey, conducted on the CommunicateUsingTechnology.com web site, the most common complaints are:
  • Speakers reading their slides to the audience (71.7% of respondents cited this item),
  • Text on the slides is too small to be readable (47.7%)
  • Visuals too complex (36.9%) and
  • Full sentences were used instead of bullet points (48.6%).
    This survey is one of the first to investigate how presentations are seen from the audience point of view. Of those respondents who see 100 or more presentations per year, more than half said that 50% or more of the presentations they see suffer from one or more of the annoying traits. The costs of poor presentations are in the time wasted by those who attended and in the extra work that must be done to communicate the intended message again since it was not done properly the first time."
Annoying PowerPoint Survey

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