Monday, July 31, 2017

Drop Down Menu


You can create a dropdown list that gets its choices from entries located in another part of the spreadsheet.

  1. Type the entries in one column or row.

    You can name the list by selecting the entries and then clicking in the Name box on the Formula bar and entering a name, and then press Enter.

  2. Next, select the cell where you want the dropdown list.

  3. On the Menu bar, go to the Data menu, click Validation, and then click the Settings tab.
    In the Allow box, click List.

  4. Enter the name of the list or its location.

    Make sure the reference or name is preceded with an equal sign (=).

    Make sure the In-cell dropdown check box is selected.

    If your list is short, you can type the entries directly in the Source box, separated by commas.
Debra Dalgleish, Excel MVP has a complete discussion on her site. She covers resizing the dropdown box. The site also includes other information about data validation:
Excel — Data Validation —Tips  

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