Monday, July 06, 2015

Appointments to Email

Drag and drop

When you receive a message about an upcoming meeting, you don't have to copy the address and time and then open Calendar and then open a new appointment dialog box.

Just drag the message onto the Calendar icon. A new appointment form will open up with the body of the email. You can then adjust the location and time if needed.

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Microsoft support:
How to use vCalendar in Outlook

"Microsoft Outlook supports vCalendar, a powerful approach to electronic Personal Data Interchange (PDI). PDI occurs every time individuals communicate, in either a business or personal context. These interchanges frequently include the exchange of information, such as business cards, telephone numbers, addresses, dates and times of appointments, and such. The vCard and vCalendar features facilitate PDI electronically.
This article discusses:
  • How to create a vCalendar file
  • How to distribute a vCalendar file
  • How to automatically process a vCalendar file
  • How to manually process a vCalendar file as a text file"
The Internet Mail Consortium: vCard and vCalendar
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