Friday, October 23, 2015

Excel 2007+ Limits

New Boundaries

Here are a few of the major changes in Excel 2010+.
The total number of available columns in Excel

Old Limit: 256 (2^8)
New Limit: 16k (2^14)
The total number of available rows in Excel

Old Limit: 64k (2^16)
New Limit: 1M (2^20)
Number of unique colors allowed a single workbook

Old Limit: 56 (indexed color)
New Limit: 4.3 billion (32-bit color)
Number of conditional format conditions on a cell

Old Limit: 3 conditions
New Limit: Limited by available memory
Number of levels of sorting on a range or table

Old Limit: 3
New Limit: 64
Number of items shown in the Auto-Filter dropdown

Old Limit: 1,000
New Limit: 10,000
The total number of characters that can display in a cell

Old Limit: 1k (when the text is formatted)
New Limit: 32k or as many as will fit in the cell (regardless of formatting)
The maximum length of formulas (in characters)

Old Limit: 1k characters
New Limit: 8k characters
The number of levels of nesting that Excel allows in formulas

Old Limit: 7
New Limit: 64
Maximum number of arguments to a function

Old Limit: 30
New Limit: 255
The number of characters that can be stored and displayed in a cell formatted as Text

Old Limit: 255
New Limit: 32k

These were reported by David Gainer.

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