Sunday, April 03, 2016

Re-Color Transparent

Change clip art


Select a piece of clip art in WMF (Windows Meta File) format .

The Picture toolbar should appear.
(If the bar does not pop up, go to View>Toolbars and click on "Picture".)

Move the mouse pointer over the toolbar icons until you find "Recolor Picture". Click on the icon.

(In 2007+, it is located under Format in the Adjust group on the left."Recolor>Set Transparent Color")

You can now change any of the fill or line colors in the image.


If the graphic is in BMP (Bitmap) format, there is an icon on the Picture toolbar to "Set Transparent Color".

Click the icon then click on the color in the image that you would like to make transparent.


Recolor Clip Art in PowerPoint
by Geetesh Bajaj

Semi-Transparent Images
By Glen Millar
You can produce various levels of semi-transparent images for applications right within PowerPoint, save them, and keep them for reuse.
Tutorial about the transparency options in PowerPoint

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