Friday, March 13, 2015

Outlook Query Builder

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Another way to retrieve information in Outlook.
Outlook 2002 through 2007 has an option for filtering dialog called QueryBuilder.

To use it you just need to add the QueryBuilder key to the registry:

  1. Use Regedit to go to the appropriate location.
  2. Right click and choose to add a new Key.
  3. Name it QueryBuilder.
There aren't any other entries that need to be made.
Outlook 2002:
Outlook 2003:

The next time you go to Tools>Advanced Find, there will be a new tab for the Query Builder.

Now you can create an AND/OR query using the Filter dialog in Search Folders, Define Views, Automatic Formatting, or Advanced Find.
With Outlook 2007:
Go to Tools>Instant Search>Advanced Find. The shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+F.

For more information, see:
Using the Query Builder
Microsoft KB:
How to Use the Query Builder for View Filters and Advanced Searches

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