Friday, March 06, 2015

Power Utility Pack

Excel the way you've wanted it

John Walkenbach ( has improved on the previous versions of PUP. It now includes more than 70 general purpose Excel utilities and 50 worksheet functions.

You can download a 30 day trial at PUP V7

Here are some features just in the area of Chart & Graphics Tools:

Chart Data Labeler: IMPROVED
Lets you apply labels (contained in a range) to a chart data series -- a feature that is surprisingly missing from Excel. Enhancement: Now ignores data that is hidden as a result of autofiltering.
Resize Charts: NEW
Makes it easy to make a chart an exact size, or make all charts the same size.
Convert Chart To Picture: NEW
Makes a copy of a chart as a static picture. This is useful for saving charts that depict various what-if scenarios.
Chart Report: NEW
Produces a detailed report that documents a chart, or produces a report that documents all charts.
Object Align, Size & Space: NEW
Back by popular demand. This utility was removed from PUP v5, but now it's back. It provides an easy way to precisely align, size, and space a group of objects or embedded charts.
Object Hide / Unhide: NEW
An interactive way to hide or unhide charts and other objects on a worksheet.

There is, of course, PUP v7  
Power Utility Pak v6

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