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Project Charts

The Gantt chart was developed by Henry L. Gantt around 1910. The chart shows a project's status, but not how one task depends on another.

In the 1950's, the Navy developed PERT (Program Evaluation Review Technique) charts. A similar process is called the Critical Path Method (Analysis) or CPM (A).

The terms PERT, PERT/CPM, and CPM are often interchanged.

A PERT chart looks more like a flow chart than a graph.

BaRaN Systems has some clear examples:
Project for Excel

Here's an example of a Gantt chart being constructed using an open source product called GanttProject :
Flash Demo

John F. Lacher has created a nice example of how to create a Gantt chart.
This one is appropriate for scheduling rooms, resources, and time.

A sample can be downloaded and customized.

Gantt Chart

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