Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Macro control

Here are some useful macros concerning Excel and printing.
They were written by Ole P. Erlandsen of:

Change the default printer
Change the default printer with a macro.
Insert headers and footers
This example macro inserts a header/footer in every worksheet in the active workbook. It also inserts the complete path to the workbook.
Print all workbooks in a folder
With these macros you can print all workbooks in a selected folder. You have more control with what is printed than you have if you do this from Windows Explorer.
Print multiple selections on one sheet
If selected multiple cell ranges is printed out on different sheets, you can use this macro example to print all the selected areas on one sheet.
Select a printer tray before printing
In Excel you don't have the opportunity to set the properties FirstPageTray or OtherPagesTray like you can in Word. It's possible to create a simple solution by using SendKeys.

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