Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Enter in Multiple Worksheets

Group sheets

A common use for Excel is to keep periodic statistics; sales by quarter, or phone calls per month.

It can be tedious to try to create worksheets for each month and include duplicate data such as client or salesperson's names.

Set up the workbook with as many worksheets that may be needed; perhaps one for each month and one for cumulative year-end totals.

Click the tab for the first month, hold down the SHIFT key and select the last worksheet in the series.

All the sheets are now chosen. You will see [Group] on the Title bar.

Enter any common information on the first sheet and it will be duplicated on all of the grouped sheets.

When you are done, Right-click a sheet tab and choose Ungroup Sheets on the context menu.

Non-contiguous sheets can be selected using the Ctrl key.

If the sheets are grouped, they will all be printed together.

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